How spending a few days in a beautiful setting can give you a new perspective on your life and career!

The jury is in!  Verdict: taking a few precious days to focus on what is important to you, what you are meant to be doing, and how you can make that happen, works!  And if you do it in a peaceful, beautiful setting that is even better!

We started our Step into Your Future workshops in 2011.  Since then several dozen people have signed up to be part of a small group looking for a facilitated, safe and supportive opportunity to pull the seams out of their career, examine the fabric and decide what they wanted to make out of it.  Some people have started to sew a whole new existence, and others have decided to put the career back together again in a similar fashion but with perhaps a new lining or different trim.

The premise is simple:  bring smart, reflective people together in a gorgeous place and good things will happen.  And it doesn’t matter what field you are in, how old you are or how accomplished you think you are or are not.  In fact, here are a few of the common myths that have been shattered:

  • Everyone else will be smarter, or more senior, or more accomplished than me – wrong!  We have watched senior executives take advice and reflect on the words of someone in mid career, and that person in turn realize she is on the wrong track and it is time to make a change herself.  Get over it!  If you are ready to let the seams out of your career, even a bit, this is the right place for you.
  • Everyone else will be further along than me in thinking about a career change – wrong again!  Most people who come to the workshop have simply an idea that they want to make a change but they often don’t know what they want it to be.  If they do know, this is the place to try out a few patterns and see how it all fits together.  If it doesn’t work, you can start again.
  • I don’t need another workshop that is all talk and no action – right you are!  In this workshop, you emerge with an Action Plan.  Some people will just have a few first steps down on paper, others will have it flushed out and ready to roll.  But an action plan is guaranteed.

The workshops have been held in a range of lovely places over the past couple of years but we have now landed on just two workshops per year, in two fabulous venues:  Pender Island, BC and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The value of these two beautiful places is not inconsequential.  Neither are the fun times that are built in (and optional!) to each workshop.  There is time to reflect, be challenged and make new friends and new connections.

So if you are ready – or think you might be ready –  to take a look at the fabric of your life and career, please check out and register at Step Into Your Future online.

Linda Oglov