Heart or wallet? Which Legacy is yours? Tips to help you kick start your life legacy planning

June 2016

“There are two types of Legacy” says Robb Lucy, author of Legacies Aren’t (Just) for Dead People!, and a presenter at our next Designing Your Third Chapter workshop. “Legacies from your wallet, and Legacies from your heart. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create Legacies from your heart; Legacies that will stir your soul, connect you to more people, and frankly make you happier.”

“Most people think Legacy is just about money” says Lucy. “Even the financial services industry admits they hijacked the word Legacy and made it theirs. We are going to wrestle ‘Legacy’ out of their white knuckle grip and show that creating your Legacies makes life so much richer, much more than just leaving money to the kids.”

Robb is a writer, producer and connector who lives in Tsawwassen with his wife Kim. His career began with six years as a producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He then formed his own company, producing mixed media for corporations and governments, and moved on to produce content that now gets kids exercising and smiling in classrooms around the world. He spent 25 years on the local, national and international boards of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and helped develop non-profits in literacy, sports history and cancer awareness. He is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

“Most people hear about their mark on life, their Legacies, from their eulogist” Lucy says. “A little late I say. I want to know what my Legacies are, and I want to enjoy them, Now!”

Several years ago Lucy said life blind-sided him. He and his wife lost their first child, and there were no more to come. Then both his parents died. Then one morning the doctor called and told him he had cancer. “All of this got me thinking: what could my Legacy be?” said Lucy. “I’m not rich. And even if I was, who’s going to get it all?”

“I started researching, questioning, and wondering. What really is a Legacy? Does it have to be about money or fame? Will I only know what mine is when everyone at my funeral nods in agreement – ‘yup, that’s his Legacy alright’.”

Over the course of the next few years, Robb set out to explore what a Legacy could be, how to build them, and what their benefits are. His book is the result; an entertaining and enlightening read, packed with practical tips and simple formulas to help the reader build many fulfilling, life affirming Legacies.

Robb’s presentation will take you to a place where you understand what your Legacies can be… with you saying “I can do that!” It could be a tiny legacy, like a community garden… or a large legacy, like an international charity.

Whatever your Legacies are to be, Robb knows the time to start is Now! Here are Robb’s top tips to kick start your Legacy planning:

1. Values – They drive us, and they will drive meaningful Legacy creation too.
2. Talents and Skills – the ones you have… and the ones you want to have. Legacy isn’t just about giving to others. It’s about growth… and the smiles that brings.
3. Dreams – With the raw materials above, these dreams become real. And they are the Legacies that you enjoy, Now!

These days Robb shares what he has learned about Legacies with a broad international audience through his book; by creating mixed media Legacy records for clients; and through his workshops. Recently his book was the basis of a continuing education course he offered at Simon Fraser University. Robb will offer a 2-hour workshop at our next Designing Your Third Chapter workshop.

You can see more about Robb and his book at www.YourLegacySmile.com
Have a great summer everyone!