What does “be the best you can be” actually mean? 3 Tips on what it might mean to you

April 2016

How can you not want to know more about a woman who lightheartedly calls herself The Feel Good Lady!  That’s Tina Thrussell, the Calgary-based instructor who will lead a Nia session at our Designing Your Third Chapter workshop in Banff, May 12-14.  

Tina’s website tells us she is a lot of things:  Inspirational / Motivational Speaker; Facilitator (of seminars, workshops, retreats, and healing sessions); Nia® Teacher; Writer; Personal Wellness and Success Coach; Trilotherapist; Quest Master; Master Hugger and Lover of Life!  (www.tinathrussell.com) 

 “I laugh out loud as I realize it’s taken me 50 years to get honest with myself,” says Tina. “Whether it’s noble or not, my playful spirit, that delightful, joyful sprite that I’ve held hostage for so long, is now free to be.  I’m here on this big blue planet to feel good, to live life passionately, joyously, playfully…. and to share my belief that everyone deserves to feel this good.”

While Tina’s professional offerings are varied, there is an underlying current based on the intrinsic value and sheer joy of physical movement.  And yes, the older we get the more important it is to ensure those body parts are moving.

Nia is the art of movement, a cardio-dance workout that initially stood for  Non-Impact Aerobics. Nia is a health and fitness alternative that emerged in the ’80’s, evolved to include neurological integrative practices and teachings, incorporating the energies of 3 dance arts, 3 martial arts and 3 healing arts.   A practitioner for many years, Tina has been teaching Nia since 2007 and says her students are attracted to the dance-based movements to uplifting music.

“It is working out without feeling like you are working out,” says Tina.  “At the end of a class, people will often realize they are sweating and wonder when that happened!  Nia works for all ages – it’s not about getting the steps right, it’s about keeping the body moving.  And it’s fun!”

Tina and her husband co-founded Best U Can B Inc in 2003 and have been steadily evolving the business ever since.  What’s on the horizon for Tina in her own Third Chapter?

“More of the same – plus MORE,” says Tina.  “We are currently refocusing our work and will soon be announcing our very exciting new directions.”

I am looking forward to Tina’s session on Nia at our Banff workshop.   Here are Tina’s top tips on what being the best you can be might mean for you:

1.    No matter what age you are – MOVE!  The benefits of movement, not only for your physical well-being but for your mind and soul, are well documented.  You can be in your 80s or 90s and still get yourself into a Nia class or some other form of regular movement.

2.    Stop taking yourself so seriously!  Here’s what Tina says about herself: “After a long, intense (and disturbingly serious) journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-improvement throughout the turbulent river of my life, I’ve surfaced with a delightfully refreshing outlook.  “Oh, stop taking yourself so seriously!  Live a little!”  “.

3.    Make it a daily practice.  Whatever form of exercise you choose, weave it into your daily life.  Tina promises to provide our workshop participants with tools to take away that will help this process.

Hope to see you in Banff!

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