What can we learn from a Million Dollar Consultant Inductee and Burning Man Aficionado? 5 Tips on entering your Third Chapter from a woman who is both and more!

March 2016

My colleague Lorraine Moore sees a seamless fit between being one of the newest inductees into Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame, and her love for attending the annual Burning Man event in Nevada.  Not only that, but she sees her love of a diverse lifestyle as something that will carry her into the Third Chapter of her life with grace.

“I think of myself as someone with energy, passion, experience – but also someone who has had to make unexpected detours in life and still managed to find my path again,” says Lorraine, who is President of Accelerate Success and runs this highly successful global business from her home base in Calgary, Alberta.  Lorraine is my partner in hosting the Designing Your Third Chapter workshop in Banff, May 12-14, 2016.

“I am excited to participate at our workshop with a group of accomplished women who may still be going hard at their careers, may be emerging or still in the midst of caring for children or grandchildren – but who want to take a moment out of all that and take a look at what they want the Third Chapter (aged 50-75) of their lives to be.”

Lorraine will have lots to share with the group.  If the early part of her career is impressive – as a member of the executive team at TD Bank, she led the largest financial services merger in North American history; as a TransCanada Pipeline exec, she led the successful first phase of Keystone pipeline – the more recent stages have picked up even more steam!

Lorraine founded Accelerate Success in 2010 and creates unprecedented outcomes for organizations and individuals. Her seminal work in inspired leadership delivers game-changing outcomes. A thought leader in strategic speed, innovation, and executive performance, Lorraine is sought out to contribute to the transformation of companies and individuals. Her global client base includes organizations such as Enbridge, BHP, Telus, KPMG, Brion, Cofely Fabricom, University of Calgary, Garner Corporation and others. Lorraine chairs two MacKay CEO Forums in Calgary with participants from more than 25 national organizations.

She is the author of the forthcoming books, Feet to the Fire, How to Exemplify and Create the Accountability That Creates Great Companies, and 360 Degree CEO.

Along the way, she has been a wife for 30 years, mom, step-mom, daughter, sister, auntie and major contributor to her home communities.  She loves travel with her husband and all things wild and wonderful, including attending Burning Man, the annual gathering of tens of thousands of people in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, where she indulges her passion for art, music, theatre and diverse cultural experiences.

Arguably, Lorraine has laid the foundation for setting herself up for a great Third Chapter.  Here are her tips for going into that chapter:

Make lifelong learning a commitment – Lorraine is continually setting her sites on higher learning goals.  As one of the newest inductees into Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Hall of Fame, the citation sums it up:  “(Lorraine is) an example to all of us in committing herself to lifelong learning and the continual creation of new ideas to help others to grow their practices and enrich their lives, engaging her clients, colleagues, and audiences with her enthusiasm, wit, and innovation.”

That commitment is not going away.  Lorraine has many ideas about where she wants to grow and learn, plus she is excited about the learning opportunities she hasn’t even identified yet!

Redefine being a grandparent – “I met a woman recently who is still going strong with her career well into her 60s.  One of the things that her health and situation enables her to do is, as each of her grandchildren turns 12, they are offered a trip anywhere in the world they want to go.  How cool is that?!  Instead of just being available for babysitting, this grandmother creates an experience that her grandchildren will never forget.”

Figure out what “giving back” means to you – with a longtime track record of giving to her community, Lorraine is now contemplating what giving back will mean in her Third Chapter.  Right now this includes fund raising, not for profit director roles and hands-on volunteering at a respite facility for newborns to 12 year olds. Lorraine and her family also donate a portion of her revenues to charities. She will attain her ICD.D accreditation in June. “I am not sure what the next stage will look like but we are so blessed, I will continue to seek opportunities to give back in a way that draws on my gifts and experience.”

Leave a legacy – Lorraine’s take on this:  “a lot is said about leaving a legacy, but I truly want to figure out what that is going to be for me.  To get at this, my plan is to explore this topic with others, to read, to learn and reflect.”

Listen to other women’s stories – “I don’t have all the answers to what the Third Chapter of anyone’s life should be, including mine – but I know that the key lies in the opportunity to reflect, hear other women’s stories and collectively take away some of the anxiety about what that chapter will be.”