Do you contemplate wealth, wisdom and well-being?

Tips on 3 things you might be contemplating this August!

What are you going to be contemplating this August as you lie in a hammock, sit on a dock, have a cool one on a patio?

A friend of mine suggests that on any given Sunday morning most people are contemplating their wealth, wisdom and well-being. Since an August long weekend or vacation can feel like an extended Sunday morning, in the summer we get even more time for such contemplation. Major life decisions, career decisions, even relationship decisions get made in the lazy, hazy days of summer when we have time to stop and think.

How do you approach these topics of wealth, wisdom and well-being? What is the single tough question that you might ask yourself to frame each of them?

I make no claim to having made remarkable strides in any of these categories, but here are my lazy observations and tips on each:

1 – Wealth – I subscribe to the popular mantra that you should follow your passion and the money will follow. Most of the truly successful people I see around me, are more interested in what they are doing and why, than in accumulating wealth.

Try this tough question: “if money was no object, would I still be doing what I am now?”

I have found this question one of the best to get my coaching clients to a point where they can honestly identify whether they want to make a change. The follow on question can be even tougher: “what am I passionate about and therefore what do I want to do?”

Most of us don’t have the luxury of casting our financial responsibilities aside and leaping over the fence to follow our passion – or do we? Is there a way to reframe your financial and other realities? And what does “wealth” mean to you?

2- Wisdom – you are wiser than you think. You might concede that you are Smart, Quick or even Intelligent, but would you tick the box for Wise? Wisdom shows up in many different forms and, in my experience, often makes an appearance when you most need it.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be the wise one all of the time. Take a look around: who is in your world right now that might have some wisdom on what you are contemplating?

My challenge to you is to reach out and ask that person for advice, or even better to share their experience on what you are contemplating. Ask them to tell you their story about it. And what wisdom can you offer in exchange? Shared wisdom is a gift.

  1. Well-being – a feeling of well-being is a beautiful thing. For me this means a good balance of all my important relationships: with my husband, my family and friends, my work, my garden, my health, my mental stimulation, things I am looking forward to and most of all with myself.

The counter balance can show up in any number of negative factors. The trick for me is to ask: what is serving me right now in my life and what is not? The emphasis here is on the right now. What served me well 10 years ago or even last month, may not be doing so now. And new things may have shown up that I hadn’t noticed.

If I can throw the things that are not serving me overboard and focus on the things left on the deck, I can get my feeling of well-being back.

Happy August contemplation! First and foremost, make sure you are recharging your batteries for a productive year ahead full of wealth, wisdom and well-being!