5 Things I Learned Working at the London 2012 Olympics and How it Might Apply to You.

Take a bow London! The London 2012 Games – from the stunning opening ceremonies of the Olympics right through what are now the final days of the Paralympics – were top drawer all the way!

It was a privilege to spend time working as a senior consultant with iLUKA, one of the world’s leading Olympic marketing agencies. Now, with the energy of a new fall season upon us and having had time to reflect on the experience, here are 5 things that I learned that may resonate with you:

1. Integrity rules. On or off the field of play, integrity rules. We saw examples of athletes who were rightfully proud of their triumphs and those who were gracious in defeat. But we also saw a few who were the classic “bad sports”, blaming their losses on someone or something else, or literally gloating about their wins. Once more, I was reminded that integrity is what it is all about – win or lose. On or off the field.

2. When you have given your all, give it some more. Who can forget the athlete that stumbles towards the finish line, exhausted but somehow finds the reserve for a final push? In our work, do we sometimes give up too soon? Do we have reserves that we leave untapped – just because it is easier or safer or ???

3. Take risks. I am fond of the saying “A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for” (William Shedd). As I watched athletes and work colleagues alike take risks and put themselves out there day after day, it brought to mind another favorite saying “No guts, no glory.”

4. We get by with a little help from our friends. The sports that most amaze me are the Paralympic events in which a blind person relies on a sighted guide to tell them when and where to move. Talk about trust! It brings to mind how often in my career I am guided by people that I trust and on whom I have relied over the years.

5. When it’s over, it’s over. In many ways, the London Games were one Games too many for me. While it was a fantastic experience, it was not the experience it might have been had it not been for the fact that my career has moved on in recent years and I now do many other things (business coaching, workshops, business development). Working on the Olympics is over for me but I had to go to London to get that. How are you at recognizing when a chapter in your career is over and it is time to open a new one?

I am excited to be getting back to my business coaching and workshops with the goal of Inspiring and guiding you to new levels of success. Please let me know if I can help you improve your game!

Here are a few highlights of the fall season:

• Step into Your Future Workshops: back by popular demand, these workshops are aimed at professionals looking to reassess, rethink and possibly reinvent their career. Workshop dates are: October 18-21, Vancouver, BC; and (note new dates) November 18-21, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I am hoping to confirm (most) participants by September 15.

• One-on-one coaching: I am starting the season with several new and renewed coaching clients. The fall is a great time to look at improving your performance, enhancing your skills and get an action plan in place. If you are interested, please call me on 604-288-7031.

• Better Pitching workshops: if you are part of a team of people who regularly pitch business (services, sales, ideas, you name it), then check out the workshops that Bill Baker and I offer

Happy Autumn!

Linda Oglov